About Us

 The Otlu family are waiting to welcome you with true Turkish hospitality at the Golden Pension and Golden Terrace Restaurant.

The Big Boss (Arif OTLU)

Arif and his family have decided to extend their business to include the Golden Lighthouse hotel. Arif  was born in Patara. He has been involved in Tourism for 25 years and speaks good English and German. He is also the Mayor of Patara and so is very involved with the local community. As well as the hotel he also runs the Golden Pension and Golden Restuarant in the centre of the village.

Hanife (Arif's wife)

Hanife is a fantastic cook and exudes warm Turkish hospitality. She is also from Patara and is very proud of her family. She only speaks a little English (though understands much more!) but creates a wonderful relationship with all of her guests. 

Taylan (Older son)

Taylan has studied architecture at Isparta university and has been responsible for all the refurbishment and redesigning at the hotel. He speaks good English.

Nadi (Younger son)

He graduated from Hacettepe University in Ankara, studied English linguistics, so speaks fluent English. He also speaks some German. Nadi is responsible for all the hotel administration and for taking the bookings.

Asli (Daughter)

Asli is still at primary school and is full of energy and enthusiasm. She is shy, but keen to speak a little English with the guests.


The latest addition to the family! Still a young shepherd dog, but friendly and adorable and has the makings of a hotel mascot!!